Welcome to Poulataggle organic farm! We are situated in the lovely Burren in Co. Clare, close to the Kilmacduagh monastry and round tower. Here is a bit of information about our farm: We are a fully certified organic farm (IOFGA) since 1996, we have a small amount of Aberdeen Angus suckler cows, 3 donkeys, dogs and cats, an orchard and  2 polytunnels with vegetables and fruit. But our main business is the organic egg production: We supply a variety of family run shops in County Clare and Galway and are very proud of the quality of our eggs: There are very strict organic regulations and standards regarding feed, housing, flocksize, stockingrates etc. we have to adhere to and which are controlled regular by several inspectors. Our flocks are also tested every 15 weeks for salmonella. we take good care of the hens and if you like you can come and see it for yourself!

  • How do you keep your chickens?
        Our hens are outside on grass and clover covered fields all day long every day, they have shelter from the rain under roofed runs. They live in nice wooden houses, which are insulated for cold and heat, and there is plenty of straw to scratch in!  The birds also like to dust bathe under the roof covered runs which means they scratch in an area of dry soil or sand, they bathe in it, then get up and shake out the feathers so the dust will come off and with it dirt and parasites
  •    We feed Morrins organic feedstuff ad lib, which is GM free, free of colourants, contains no medication and we also feed sprouted organic wheat for extra vitamins and apples from our orchard, cabbage and turnip in winter when grass growth is slow; the hens have always access to fresh water from our own well.
  •     We rare our own organic hens – that means we buy day old chicks (who have not been beaktrimmed!) have them in a warm house for a few weeks where we keep them busy by giving them lots of stuff to peck at like homegrown turnip, cabbage-stalks and greens from the polytunnels, then get them used to go outside onto grass fields very early in their lives.
  •     We have a 2 strip grazing system in place so the laying hens get plenty grass to eat and are moved onto fresh and rested ground (important for disease control!). To fence the hens in (or better to keep the fox out) we use electric poultry netting.
  •     A hen usually doesn’t go further than 100m away from the house, that’s why it is important to keep low stocking numbers, because they only graze close to the houses and the amount of grass they eat definitely improves the taste of the egg and the well being of the hen. We keep flocks of about 120 birds in wooden houses (well insulated, draft free, well ventilated) and the hens have lovely individual wooden nest boxes to lay into and the eggs roll away into a safe drawer, where we collect then in the morning.
  • we have our own packing station, where we grade, stamp and pack the eggs. You find the following stamp on our eggs:      OIE CO2, that means Organic, produced in Ireland, in County Clare, the last number is the flock ID.
  • Just to explain the numbers you find stamped on other eggs       O is for organic, 1 – free range, 2 – barn eggs, 3- cages

if you would like to contact us:

Hans and Ute Krewer



Co. Clare

091-631928 or Ute´s mobile 086-3622186

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